2B is a born and bred west londoner with a penchant for all things mix-related. Going through his teen years in the 1990's guaranteed a varied taste with an underlying love for anything with bass, so don't be surprised if you find yourself in a 90's time warp as he loses himself in "the decade that broke music".

Styles include House, Garage, Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Broken Beat, Folk, Funk, Afrobeat, Jazz, Hiphop

2B keeps the tempo up to get you home safe and sound. With continuous mixes from himself and guests and the odd sonic doodle to surprise.

Toby 2B also presents The BB Lunchtime Show as he invites local young people into the Avenues studio to perform and present a huge variety of lively content - storytelling, poetry, debates, reviews, jingles, interviews, singing, rapping....there's never any knowing what may occur when up to 10 young people take over this show and Toby 2B tries to keep it together!

Brownbaby - BB - is a west london arts group delivering a wide range of arts projects to schools, youth clubs and other community-based organisations, with the aim of celebrating our diversity and increasing confidence in our own abilities as creative people.

Monday & Friday 4pm - 6pm Drive

Monday to Friday 12pm - 1pm The BB Lunchtime Show