Rohan presents The Hustle. The programme features community news, views, health and fitness, sports, film and TV reviews and the weird, all this punctuated by music.

On Saturdays Rohan becomes RS and co-hosts The Morning Ride with Nestor K. The show features very light chat and is music dominated with a hint of musical rivalry between the presenters. The Morning Ride seeks to educate musically and as such demands flexibility. Do not be surprised if you are surprised.

Rohan also appears on DGRS Talk, a relatively new talk show on AvenuesFM. The show aims to tackle those topics that are close to your heart, argument that will ruffle a feather or two and may well make one sits uneasy for a while, as a result, invites heavy audience participation.

Wednesdays 4pm-6pm The Hustle

Saturday 10pm-12am The Morning Ride with co-host Nestor K

Sundays 10pm 12am DGRS with co-host Dernel Gabriel